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Basement Waterproofing Services - What Lurks Within Your Basement

Basement Waterproofing

A-1 Indiana Waterproofing provides a reliable solution to basement Waterproofing in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Basement waterproofing is a blanket term that describes a wide range of processes and techniques to fix leaky or wet basements. Every house is different, and depending on the unique situation of a homeowner, A-1 Indiana Waterproofing of Indianapolis will utilize various methods and waterproofing systems to remedy wet basement repair. By first identifying the source of a leak, we will be able to tailor a solution to your basement’s problems.

Whether your basement is finished or unfinished, we will take steps to find the source and diagnose your leakage problem, and then proceed with the appropriate remedy. We service many areas of Indiana, bringing basement waterproofing to a higher level for homeowners needing a more reliable solution for their wet basement problems.

How Water Gets Into Your Basement

Our Solution

A Reliable Basement Waterproofing Company

A-1 Indiana Waterproofing is a basement waterproofing contractor that can help prolong the life of your basement. Diverting water and alleviating the pressure from water can prevent deterioration to foundation walls, footing and doors. Our interior drain tile system uses drain tile and a submersible sump pump to divert and push water away from the structure preventing future damage and deterioration to foundation walls.

Hover over the potential problem areas in the image to the right to see where problems lie and what we can do to help!

Hover over the potential problem areas in the image below to see where problems lie and what we can do to help!

The Damages of Wet Basements

Hydrostatic (water) pressure is the most common cause of a wet basement. This is the pressure exerted on foundation walls, footings, and basement floors by underground water and is produced by higher water tables, poor soil percolation and/or poor drainage systems adjacent to the structure causing major waterproofing problems. The greater accumulation of underground water, particularly from rain and melting snow, the greater the pressure exerted on foundation walls and floors. A high percentage of foundation cracks and floor cracks are a direct result of hydrostatic pressure. Typically water enters the basement through foundation cracks, floor cracks and/or through the juncture of the floor and walls, however, water can enter the basement from over the top of foundation walls, thought mortar joints, and windows. If not treated, the water will promote deterioration in walls and floors and the basement will remain chronically damp.

Water Seepage in Cove Joints

The cove joint is the joint where the wall and floor meet. With hydrostatic pressure, water can build up under the foundation and seep through the cove joint. A-1 Indiana Waterproofing will generally not try to seal a cove joint leak. Instead, we will install an internal drainage system to directly solve the water pressure problem, instead of just patching it. While other companies will try to seal this area, we believe that it’s not the best solution to the problem. If you seal the cove, the pressure from the water in the soil outside the home is going to continue to build up and build up until it eventually breaks through the seal. This means you’re going to have a damaged cove joint and some serious moisture issues and damage on your hands to deal with.

Flooded Floor Drain

Floor drains are designed to drain any water from the basement floor to an exterior sewer or pipe system. Although water may rise from the drain, this is generally not something we can fix but rather prevent from happening. A lot of older homes have these basement drains installed. Over time, they can get clogged with dirt, debris, and it’s possible that tree roots have actually made their way through the underground piping and are preventing water from draining away like normal. Clogs and basement drain repairs are generally fixed with plumbing experts, but A-1 Indiana Waterproofing we are interested in getting rid your basement water problems before they occur.

Leaking Mortar Joint

Mortar joints between masonry bricks in your foundation is a common location of water leaks. Mortar deteriorates over time and allows water to seep in through small holes. Generally this is due to poor quality masonry work when the foundation was first installed or poor material (cheaper brands bondings). Over time any minor flaws can be taken advantage of by time and shifting soils. Also keep in mind that no one can predict masonry walls even when the job is very well done. Water and soil can always find a way so long as your yard grading is not up to date and have no waterproofing system available to assist.

Top of Foundation Leaks

If the top of the foundation of your home lies below the surface of the ground, water will often buildup along the outside of your home and leak over the foundation into the basement. Many home owners lack a water drain system for their yard and surrounding areas around their home. Especially with gutter installations there’s no telling where all the rain water truly goes without a proper yard drain system. Eventually this water leads to the foundation seam and begins to break through to the top of your foundation wall leaking into the basement.

Pipe Penetrations and Wall Leaks

Pipes from the exterior of your house that penetrate basement walls are often not sealed with longevity in mind. This leads to erosion and eventually water leakage into the basement from outside. What does it matter if there are leaks around pipe fittings? Well, as a homeowner, you should be doing everything that you can to keep your home – including your basement – dry, safe, healthy, and in good shape. So, if you have leaky pipes, you need to get them fixed immediately before they cause serious damage to your walls, floors, or ceilings.

Leaking Basement Windows or Window Wells

For homes with window well leaks, this is often a common problem amongst homeowners with lower level basements below ground. Often times, these windows aren’t sealed properly, and this can cause serious problems as time passes. When it rains, water will build up next to your foundation, and if you have windows in your basement that weren’t sealed properly, the water will seep inside and run down the walls. This can leave unsightly stains, and it can also cause damage to the floor, cove joint, and to anything, you have stored in this area of your home.

Basement Mold

A moldy basement can spell trouble for your home’s indoor air quality. This nasty fungus needs three things to grow, which are moisture, excessive humidity, and organic materials to feed off of. So, needless to say, a basement that is full of moisture and humidity is going to be the perfect spot for mold to develop. It is typically dark green or black in color and will smell very musty – similar to dirty gym socks. A lot of homeowners who don’t have finished basements will question why it’s so important to get this problem taken care of. Unfortunately, it will release spores up and into the air your family breathes. This can cause everything from asthma attacks to skin rashes, and all types of scary medical problems in between.

Our Basement Waterproofing Systems

We carry specific products that address certain issue your basement may be experiencing. Any association with water damages, mitigation, and draining will be accommodated using our basement waterproofing systems.

Gator® Waterproofing System - Wet Basement Waterproofing

For any wet basement waterproofing, we use our patented drainage technology. The GATOR® Waterproofing System is an installation product and procedure that rest underneath the concrete basement floors (near the footer), on either the interior or exterior. These drains are designed to effectively mitigate water from internal and external sources, keeping your basement dry and healthy from water damages.

Gator® Fresh & Clean Basement Ventilation System

When there is excess humidity in the air of your basement, it can cause a number of issues, including mold growth, and will decrease the overall level of the quality of your air. It will also make your heating and cooling systems have to work harder to control the humidity. A high quality basement ventilation system will help control the overall humidity level as well as prevent unwanted odors from building up in the basement.

Wayne® Water Systems - Basement Sump Pumps

If you have excessive amounts of water that have overwhelmed your floor drains, we use the reliable sump pumps from WAYNE® Water Systems. Sump pumps are the most effective way to remove and drain large quantities of water that expose your basement. While submersed, this waterproofing system continuously monitors and drains water, removing the threat of leaks and floods.

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