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What Lurks Below Your Crawl Space - Crawl Space Repair Services

Crawl Space Repair

A-1 Indiana Waterproofing provides crawl space repair services that include waterproofing, clean outs, sump pumps, floor jacks, and ventilation. Our products and system installation grant homeowners the protection they need from infested crawl spaces. The infiltration of water, pests, rodents, and mold, continuously damages the structural integrity of your home. Through wooden support beam deterioration, hazardous air from mold spores, and unwanted insects, make undesirable crawl spaces a problematic circumstance for your family. Using our latest technology, we can effectively alleviate these common issues and prevent future damages. If you live in Indianapolis or surrounding areas, we can help from our local office.

Professional Crawl Space Contractors

In the event that your home is suffering form poor crawl space conditions, you’ll need help from real experts in the industry. Since 1976, we have assisted homeowners with their crawl spaces by providing permanent solutions to common causes of deterioration. Our crawl space contractors have years of experience in handling these unique and fragile areas that rest underneath your home. With certified products and accommodations we can efficiently get your crawl space repaired and healthy again.

Problems Commonly Found in Crawl Spaces

There are many issues that can hinder crawl spaces, and in turn hinder your home. The damages of infected crawl spaces consist of mold, water, and pests. These aspects are the three primary concerns for residents that live in homes without basements.

Mold Growth

Mold growth derives from humidity, moisture, and dark areas without light. Crawl spaces are prone to mold infection for this very reason, having included all three major causes. With mold, the ongoing incubation process of spores that become airborne can effect your family over time. In fact, it’s known as a health risk if left unchecked. Mold also deteriorates wooden support beams over time by eating away at the dead organic material.

Floods, Leaks, and Water

Crawl space can also become unstable from excessive amount of water exposure over time. Whether it’s flooding or leaks, water will eventually ‘drown’ the soil causing unstable conditions for your home’s weight. This causes your home to sink and break. Water will also weaken wooden support beams and structures underneath, causing more structural related damages.

Pests and Rodents

If your crawl space continues to be fertile with mold, moisture, and water, pests can become an issue – as these are the ingredients for unwanted guests from nature. The darkness beneath your home is the perfect place for any rodent or insect, while mold and water continue to expand creating more reasons to never leave. Once infiltrated, pests like insects and rodents are prone to reproduce, which then leads to expanding within your home. Gross! However, our crawl space repair products and methods are proven to work against these pesky infiltrators.

Sagging Floors

If you’re noticing certain ‘dips’ in your floors that may or may not make creaking noises, your crawl space is suffering from sagging floors. Where floor boards support the weight of your flooring and family, crawl space support beams help keep your floor board in place. Once the structural integrity of your crawl space is compromised everything falls out of place. This can be caused by deterioration of mold or water – where water makes wooden supports soft and weak, and mold eats away at the microscopic fibers of wood causing it to collapse.

Our Crawl Space Products and Systems

We have an arsenal of products for complete crawl space repair solutions. Each product and system is unique, and addresses specific issues that create problems for your home.

A-1 Crawl Space Stabilizer - Crawl Space Floor Jacks

These are designed to stabilize failed crawl space supports that have deteriorated or crumbled under pressure, soft soil conditions, or mold infection. The A-1 Crawl Space Stabilizer is guaranteed and proven to work, lifting and realigning your home back to level position. This is the most effective crawl space repair that’s associated with structural damages.

Gator® Fresh & Clean Basement Ventilation System

When you have high excess humidity in your crawl space, it can cause a number of issues including making your heating and cooling systems work harder, decreased quality of the air you breathe, and even growth of mold and mildew. Installing a high quality crawl space ventilation system will help control the overall humidity level, improve the air quality, and help reduce the work your HVAC system does.

Wayne® Sump Pumps - Crawl Space Waterproofing

With excess water problems, we use our certified sump pumps by WAYNE® Water Systems. Sump pumps are designed to be installed in submersible areas to accumulate water and pump them through drain pipes. This alleviates your crawl space from flooding, moisture, and damp conditions. This is the best solutions for crawl space waterproofing.

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