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Foundation Repair Services - What Lurks Around Your Foundation

Foundation Repair

A-1 Indiana Waterproofing are experts in foundation repair and it’s precise nature for foundation issues. Structural integrity is a very important in your home, and when threatened, you need to act fast. Look no further for A-1 Indiana Waterproofing has solutions for your foundation problems. We have a team of certified technicians trained in the science and art of repairing and improving structures to prolong the life of foundations. Our foundation systems are state-of-the-art and built to last. Most of these systems are adjustable for case in which your particular soil shifts often. We believe in accommodation for unexpected events and are willing to work with you for your house foundation repair needs in surrounding areas of Indiana, including Indianapolis.

Expert Foundation Repair Contractors

If you’re home is suffering from the common related problems of structural failure, our experts are here to help. Our foundation repair contractors are reliable and efficient with assessment, analysis, and system installations needed to deliver the results your need. With over 40 years of experience we guarantee safe realignments, stabilization, and permanent holds on your concrete structures. This includes floors, walls, slabs, and mason-built foundations.

The Damages of Failing Foundations

There are many problems that can hinder foundations and walls, which also destroys your home. If you’re wondering how to fix sinking foundations, foundation cracks, or bowed walls, our team can help. First, we take a look at the symptoms that will properly diagnose your unique situation.

Foundation Settlement

This type of structural problem is often caused from poor soil conditions around a home, or from improper building techniques or materials used during the time when your home was being constructed. The soil conditions can be compromised from natural subterranean effects of clay that hardens and softens repeatedly, causing any surface concrete above to shift over time. Excessive amounts of water that soak into the soil can also cause shifts, by destabilizing and softening the soil itself.

Bowed Walls

If you have a basement with bow or caved-in walls, this is called bowed walls. When soil have absorbed too much water, over time this can produce enormous amounts of pressure. This pressure build up and presses against your basement walls underground, causing it to bow, and even break. There are different cases, ranging from extreme to minor – with early warning signs basement wall cracks.

Floor & Wall Cracks

While bowed walls will generally reveal cracks on your basement walls, there are other signs of surrounding soil pressure and destabilization. Wall cracks are generally the first detection of hydrostatic pressure that is pressing against the exterior foundation wall. Other cracks such as floor cracks can be detected as both foundation settlement issues and waterproofing problems.

Our Foundation Repair Products and Systems

We have several unique products available that specifically address certain foundation problems. Each system is designed to repair and stabilize your foundation to prevent future problems.

Chance Push Piers - Foundation Settlement Repair

For foundation settlement repair or sinking homes, we use the professional Chance Push Pier system. These piers are long pipes that are attached to hydraulics, that are pushed deep underground to more viable earth crust or load-bearing strata. These particular subterranean materials are able to hold the weight of you home. Using these piers, we realign your home through accurate lifting in key positions around your home until the structure is level.

Chance Helical Piers - New Construction Piering

Generally, helical piers are used for new construction projects such as homes or commercial building during the initial phase of development. However, we also use these to provide foundation settlement repair for homes that have tougher soil. Helical piers are then drilled in more stable, load-bearing soil where the weight will hold. These are different than push piers because they negate being driven further underground than necessary.

Chance Wall Anchors - Bowed Wall Repair

If you’re suffering from extreme bowing basement walls that have become obvious in deformity, our Chance Wall Anchors are the best solution. These are designed to fix, straighten, and realign you basement wall, while holding into place.

Fiberlock™ Carbon Fiber - Basement Wall Repair

With basement wall cracks and bowing walls, we use FIBERLOCK™ carbon fiber supports to help reverse these effects permanently. These are strips of carbon fiber that, when applied, become a continuous force to realign, strengthen, and hold the wall. This combined with our epoxy injection acts as sealing agent for cracks, warding off any potential leaks in the process.

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